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One-day hiking trip - essentials

There are a lot of people who go with me in the mountains for the first time, so I compiled a list of things you should take if you are going on a one day trip in the mountains with a guide. Without a guide, you should also include navigation equipment. This list is accurate for 3 seasons. In winter, you should take more clothes and, depending on the conditions, additional tools like snow axe and crampons.

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Clothes for winter hiking

In contrast to the summer trips, the mountain in the winter has a completely different nature, so we need to pay special attention to the preparation for the trip and the selection of the clothes we will wear.

The basic principle in both summer and winter is layered dressing. The winter temperatures in the mountain can get very low, so a good choice of clothes can decide how we get back from the mountain.

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Backpacking gear

Every hiking tour, one day or several days, requires the carrying of necessary equipment that will make your stay in nature more comfortable and safe.

For lunar one-day tours during the summer and autumn, you need better sneakers or dressers, a pack of things to eat, food and water for a day, spare clothes and socks, protection from the sun, rain, etc.

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Hiking footwear

One of the most importan pieces of your hiking gear are good shoes, or boots. We spend so much time in them, very often more days. It is very important to chose them wisely, so after hiking in them we come home happy, without blisters, with dry feet.

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