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Sunset of the year!

I've been watching the Sun going down in so many places, and every time it felt amazing in a different way, but this one will stay in my mind for a long time! That day, we ended up in Zabljak and wanted to spend our free time in the best way possible, so we took a fast drive around the mountain to make photos in the best time period of a day - before sunset. I told my friend - I know the best place to be now, so we drove to Sedlo, which is the starting point of a path to the highest summit of Durmitor.

It's hard to do anything else on that sacred place but to sit on a bench and just try to breathe the best out of it...

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And suddenly you realize how everything is different here, and how life can be so amazing, just by enjoing moments like this.



2021  Radonja Srdanović - Mountain guide