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Amazing autumn day on Komovi!

I got one day off so I spent it in the best way – I visited the summit of Ljevorijecki Kom with my friends... We couldn't have chosen a better day... A constant switch of the Sun and clouds, with the first autumn breeze... Perfect...

The Komovi mountains is one of most beautiful and impressive mountains, with three peaks - Vasojevićki (2461), Kučki (2487), and Ljevoriječki (2469) peak, amazing glaciers from the Ice Age and a lot of opportunities for hiking - from easy round trips to ascents to the three summits. The easiest is the Vasojevićki Kom, followed by the Ljevoriječki, whose last part is a little rocky, while the Kučki Kom is only for experienced mountaineers, because the last part of the ascent includes a rocky ridge.

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2021  Radonja Srdanović - Mountain guide