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Hridsko lake

In today's world everything seems already known and explored, thus having a possibility to see something new and hidden brings excitement, especially if you love mountains and nature. Hridsko lake is one of those places where you want to stay forever, or at least to spend a night on its shore and feel the silence of the sleeping lake, surrounded by big mountains.

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In quest for Milky way

Due to heavy light pollution, it is becoming harder and harder to spot any star from the city, so you have to drive to the mountains to see the clear night sky. We are so lucky because we can have such an experience only 40 minute drive away from Podgorica.

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Woodland walk and hunting wild mushrooms

This summer was extremly dry and warm, which is the worst thing for us who love to go through the forest and look for mushrooms. But even with such conditions, there are places with different microclimate, full of life.
One of them is my favourite forest on Durmitor, with always running stream, protected from strong wind. We didn't find to much edible mushrooms, but we enjoyed the walk and made nice photos.

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